Apply for India eVisa

How to Apply for Indian e Visa from USA

The India e-Visa is a digital entry permit available for US citizens. It allows travelers from the United States to apply online and gain authorization to travel to and enter India for tourism, business, or medical purposes. Introduced in 2014, the e-Visa system offers a convenient and efficient alternative to the traditional embassy or consulate application process.

How to Apply for Indian e Visa from USA

What Is the India e-Visa for USA Citizens?

The India e-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that allows USA citizens to visit India for various purposes, such as tourism, business, medical treatment, or visiting friends and relatives. It simplifies the visa application process by eliminating the need to visit an Indian embassy or consulate. The e-Visa can be obtained online by completing an application form, submitting the required documents, and paying the applicable fee. Once approved, the e-Visa is sent electronically, and travelers can enter India by presenting a printed copy of the e-Visa at the immigration checkpoint.

Do United States of America Citizens Need a Visa for India?

American citizens are required to have a valid visa to enter India. For US passport holders, there are various types of visas available, including tourist visas, business visas, and medical visas. These visas can be obtained online through the e-Visa platform. It is important for American travelers to ensure they have the appropriate visa and a valid passport before their visit to India.

Types of India e-Visa for USA Citizens?

There are several types of e-Visas available for USA citizens traveling to India. These include:

  • Tourist e-Visa: This e-Visa is issued for tourism purposes, such as sightseeing, visiting friends or relatives, and attending cultural events or yoga programs.
  • Business e-Visa: The India busidia e-Visa is intended for US citizens traveling to India for business-related activities such as meetings, conferences, trade fairs, or establishing business connections. It is valid for a period of one year (365 days) from the date of issuance and allows multiple entries with a maximum stay of 180 days per visit.

  • Medical e-Visa: This India Medical e-Visa is granted to US citizens who plan to visit India for medical treatment or medical attendant purposes. It is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival and allows for triple entries. A letter from the hospital in India, specifying the suggested admission date, is required.

  • Medical Attendant e-Visa: The medical attendant e-Visa is granted to individuals accompanying someone who is traveling to India on a medical e-Visa. It has the same validity as the medical e-Visa (60 days) and allows for triple entries. The medical e-Visa number is required to obtain this visa.

  • Conference e-Visa: This India Conference e-Visa is issued to US citizens attending conferences, seminars, or workshops in India. It is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival and allows for a single entry. Organizers of the conference must upload all the necessary details and documentation on the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) website.

It's important to note that the specific requirements, fees, and application process may vary for each type of e-Visa.

What are the necessary documents for Americans to apply for an Indian e-Visa?

To apply for an e-Visa for India, American travellers must possess a valid US passport. It is crucial that the passport's expiry date is at least 6 months after their planned arrival date in India.

1. Valid US Passport

Ensure that your US passport is valid, with an expiry date of at least 6 months from your planned arrival date in India.

2. Required Digital Documents

When completing your India e-Visa application, you will need to upload the following documents:

  • Scan of the bio page of your US passport
  • Recent passport-style photo of yourself
  • Business card of the host company in India (for Business e-Visa only)
  • Invitation letter from a hospital/medical center in India (for Medical e-Visa only)

3. Additional Essentials

To successfully complete your Indian e-Visa application as a US citizen, make sure you have the following:

  • Email address to receive your entry permit
  • Credit or debit card to cover the e-Visa processing fee

It can be useful for US visitors to familiarize themselves with the overall visa requirements for US citizens when traveling to India.

By meeting these requirements and providing the necessary documents, you can smoothly apply for an e-Visa and enjoy your visit to India.

Processing Time for Indian E-Visas

When filling out your online application form, you will have three processing options to choose from:

  • Normal processing: This option takes approximately 3 to 5 days to process your application.
  • Urgent processing: If you need a quicker turnaround time, you can choose the urgent India visa processing option, which will process your application within 1 to 3 days.

Please note that the processing type you choose will impact the total fee for your eVisa application.

Validity Period of Indian E-Visas

Here are the validity periods for various types of Indian e-Visas:

  • Tourist e-Visa (30 days): This visa is valid for 30 days after your first arrival in India and allows two entries. However, it cannot be used to enter India via land-based immigration posts.
  • Tourist e-Visa (1 year): This visa is valid for one year from the date the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is granted. It allows multiple entries, with a maximum stay of 90 days per visit.
  • Tourist e-Visa (5 years): This visa is valid for five years from the ETA issuance date, and it also allows multiple entries. The maximum stay per visit is 90 days.
  • Business e-Visa: This visa is valid for one year from the ETA issuance date. It allows multiple entries, with a maximum stay of 180 days per visit. If you're staying longer than 180 days, you'll need to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or Foreigners Registration Office (FRO).
  • Medical e-Visa: This visa is valid for 60 days from your arrival in India and allows three entries.
  • Conference e-Visa: This visa is valid for 30 days from your arrival in India and allows a single entry.

Cost of E-Visa to India from the USA

The fee for an India visa is subject to variation based on the type of visa you are applying for and the processing time you require, whether it is urgent or normal. The cost is typically determined by the country of origin and the season of travel. To find out the specific fee for your visa, you can visit the India visa fee page.

Is it possible for US citizens to obtain a visa on arrival in India?

US citizens traveling to India do not have the option of obtaining a visa on arrival. They must apply online for the appropriate e-Visa instead. Visa on arrival is only available for a limited number of countries, and the United States is not included. Even eligible dual citizens are advised to apply for the e-Visa using their US passport to avoid waiting in line at the Indian border.

You Can Now Travel To India!

India is a diverse and vibrant country located in South Asia. It is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on the India e-visa, including the processing time, cost, and application process. By familiarizing yourself with this guide, you will gain a clear understanding of what to expect when applying for an India e-visa and be well-prepared to enjoy all that the country has to offer.


Can US citizens obtain an e-visa for India from the USA?

Yes, they can. US citizens now have the option to apply for an Indian e-visa, which allows them to complete the visa application process from the convenience of their own homes without having to visit an embassy.

Is the E-Tourist Visa available for visiting India?

Yes, the E-Tourist Visa is open for applicants who wish to visit India. Visitors can apply for this visa to facilitate their travel to the country.

Can US citizens obtain an India visa on arrival?

No, US citizens are not eligible for an India visa on arrival. However, nationals of Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates (provided they have previously obtained an e-visa or regular/paper visa for India) can avail themselves of the visa on arrival option. For citizens of other countries who qualify for an e-visa, the application must be completed online, and the applicant must wait for confirmation or issuance of an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before traveling to India.

What is the validity period of the Indian e-medical visa?

The Indian e-medical visa is valid for 60 days. Within this duration, visa holders are permitted to enter India up to three times for medical purposes.

Is it possible to acquire a 10-year online visa for India?

No, however, United States citizens have the opportunity to apply for a 10-year visa for India through the Indian Embassy and Consulate. This visa permits multiple entries into the country throughout the span of ten years.