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Guide Official Mobile App Indian Visa Su-Swagatam | Mobile App for 60 Countries" One Solution for all Visa Related Services

Avail Indian Visa plus services through the "Official Indian Visa Su-Swagatam" mobile App, available for 60 countries.

Su-Swagatam is the one-stop solution for all India visa related services. The Indian Government has launched its first official mobile app to facilitate and encourage a larger number of travellers to visit India. This App can be used for Tourist, Medical, Medical Attendant, and Business visas. So, now travellers have three different options to apply for any Indian visa- the regular paper visa/sticker visa through an embassy, the electronic visa through a website, and through mobile using the Su-Swagatam App.

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Where can I get this app?

This App is available for Android and iOS users. You can download the App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Interested people visit the play store to install the app from.

India Visa Su-Swagatam


Official app Indian Visa Su-Swagatam:


Option to Select Language:


Get your Visa on the app:

Get your e-Visa on the app. The app will guide you through eligibility which India Visa works best for you, and other requirements process and fee details from each visa.


Travel paperless with India QR:

No Need to repeatedly share all your passport details. Travel through India paperless using India QR. Immigration clearance Check-in at hotels, visit monuments etc.


Travel Safe with instant support from Authorities:

Get support from the immigration and FRRO in clicks lodge requests, speak to officers, raise SOS requests instantly.


How to Register and Apply for a Visa Through Su-Swagatam App?

The process of registering with the Su-Swagatam app is very simple. Here’s a Step by Step guide on how to register.

You have to Agree to the terms of Use & Privacy Policy, after which the Sign Up process is initiated.

Terms of Use:

1. Introduction

1. In these terms and conditions "we", "our" or "us" means Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

2. These terms of service (Terms) govern

your use of the Official app INDIAN VISA

Su-Swagatam and handheld devices (App)

and the services provided there under. 3. By clicking on the 'I Agree' button, you signify your acceptance of the Terms, and your agreement to be bound by them. The Terms may be amended from time to time with notice to you. In order to continue using the App, you will be required to accept the revised Terms.

4. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully as they apply to your use of the India Visit App owned and operated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Use of our Platform includes accessing, browsing or registering to use our Platforms. By using the Platform(s) you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

5. We may revise the Terms and Conditions from time to time by updating this post and the same would be applicable from the day of post.

2. Service Overview

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has created this App as a medium to facilitate people who have visited or are planning to visit India for any authentic reason. Here you'll find general information; tips on travelling to and/or working in India, as well as plenty of information that help explore Indian experience.

When you install and register on the Official app INDIAN VISA Su-Swagatam, the following set of information is collected from you and stored securely on a server operated and managed by the Government of India Personal details, Passport details, Address, Family details, profession details, Visa sought, other countries visited, references in India, photo, passport copy and relevant documents etc

While registration, your location details are also captured for which your consent is required. Whenever you visit India, this location tracing will help you in exploring the nearest places of your interest in India. The App will also provide links to convenience services offered by various service providers. Accessing the links will take users to external sites from where these convenience services will be provided.

You would also be provided with the latest India Visa related advisories and notifications by the Government of India.

3. Use

1. You agree that you will only use the App in good faith and will not provide false or misleading information about yourself or your infection status.

2. You agree that you will not do anything to throttle, engineer a denial of service, or in any other manner impair the performance or functionality of the App.

3. You agree that you will not use the App fc for any purpose for which it was not intended including, but not limited to, accessing information about registered users stored in the App, or attempting to gain access to the database of the Service.

4. You acknowledge that the Content on the Platform is subject to change at any time.

5. You acknowledge that the underlying infrastructure and/or technology supporting the Platform is subject to change at any time.

6. You agree to keep the mobile or handheld device on which the App is installed in your possession at all times and to not share it with or allow anyone else to use it.

7. You acknowledge that if your device is switched off or in airplane mode, you may not be able to use the location-based services of the App.

8. If you consider any Content that has been posted to the Platform is unsuitable or has in some other way breached these Terms and Conditions, please email us at [email protected] with a link to the relevant Content and your reasons for objecting to it. We will consider your objection and determine whether the Content should be removed at our sole discretion.

4. Privacy

Registration information and other information about you is subject to the App Privacy Policy. You understand that through your use of the Platform you consent to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) of this information.

You hereby consent to the collection and use of your personal information for the provision of the Services. The details of the personal information collected and the manner in which it is collected and by whom as well as the purposes for which it will be used is more fully set out in our privacy policy which is available here. You can also delete the App from your mobile or handheld device, however, should you do so, you acknowledge that you will no longer be able to avail of the Services.

5. Disruption

You agree that you have no expectation of, or right to permanent and uninterrupted access to the Services. While the Services are intended to be accessible to you from everywhere on a 24X7 basis, from time to time and without prior notice of downtime, access to the App or the Services or to any part thereof may be suspended on either a temporary or permanent basis and either with respect to all or a certain class of users.

6. Liability

1. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India will make best efforts to ensure that the App and the Services perform as described but will not be liable for the failure of the App or the Services and the accuracy of the information provided by the App

2. We exclude all warranties and liability to the fullest extent permissible under any Applicable Law.

3. To the extent permitted by law, all information linked to on the Platform which redirects to external platform is provided "as is" and "as available".

7. Disclaimer

The App is being made available on an 'as-is' basis. All services such as those provided by this App are never wholly free from defects, errors and bugs, and the Government of India provides no warranty or representation to effect or that the App will be compatible with any application, or software not specifically identified as compatible. The Government India specifically disclaims any imp warranties of fitness for a particular purpose of non-infringement. The functioning of the App depends on the compliance by all registered users of the App with these Terms. Accordingly the Government of India disclaims all liability accounts of such non-compliance by c registered users.

8. Defect Reporting

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at [email protected] +91-11-24300666.

9. Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India.


Sign Up App Indian Visa Su-Swagatam:

To Sign Up on the Su-Swagatam App, you will have to enter certain personal details. These include: Nationality, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Gender, Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.

Once you have completed this step, a new window will appear asking you to enter the desired password twice.

Sign Up


Verify your email address through OTP:

You will have to verify your email address and prove the authenticity of the information you have provided to the Indian Bureau of Immigration by entering the OTP sent to the mobile number you provided earlier.


You Have been Registered Successfully:

If the OTP matches, you will reach the end of the registration process.


Log in Official app Indian Visa Su-Swagatam:

In order to log in to the mobile app again, you will only need to enter your email address and the password you used when registering with the App.

Sign In

Home Page - Uses and Facilities of the App:

Users are facilitated with the following features through the App:

1. Users can apply for a Visa through this App (Indian eVisa, Indian Regular Visa, Visa on arrival)

2. Services provided by e-FRRO (Online Foreigners Regional Registration Office) , E-FRRO services include Indian visa extension, exit permit, visa conversion, along with other services

3.Users can check the status of their India visa application

4. Users can check e-FRRO applications

5. User can check visa eligibility and visa fee with this app

6. Notification notifications/advisories by MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) and BOI (Bureau of Immigration).

7. Language Assistance Multiple language converters and Signage

8. Users can get help through Visa Assistant

9. Users can also take advantage of the Nearby Places feature in the App. The App can facilitate foreigners to explore nearby places like Government Agencies, Tourist places, Entertainment, Transport Services, Religious Places, Boarding, Lodging, and other places foreigners would like to visit.



Language Assistant to provide very user-friendly communication:

Language Assistant helps users to translate English/Hindi into their native language or their native language into the English/Hindi language.


Get All Notification:

Users will get all advisory news notifications issued by the Indian government for foreign travelers who are traveling to India.


Official Mobile App Indian Visa Su-Swagatam Services:

Apply for an Indian Visa:

Apply for an Indian visa: Select your nationality

Choose visa type: Select visa type according to your visit and there are two types of visa services for foreign nationals.

  • Regular Visa
  • e-Visa

Services: Once the visa type is selected, in the services you can find Indian visa types such as tourist visas, business visas, medical visas, etc. Kindly select the appropriate visa service according to your visit.

Detailed purpose of visit: Users need to specify the purpose of their visit, select one of the options for a drop list, and also describe the purpose and nature of their visit in a few lines.

Fee details and Document details: According to visa services, Users can check Indian visa fees details and required documents details for that particular visa service.

Apply for Visa

Apply for visa

Indian eVisa - Basic Details:

While filling the application form users must provide valid details such as select the passport type, Date of birth, Email address, Expected date of arrival, Expected port of arrival in India.


Indian eVisa - Applicant Details:

Applicants need to fill in details as mentioned on their passport such as Surname, Given Name, Gender, Town/City of birth, Country/ Region of birth, Citizenship/Nationality ID no., religion, visible identification marks.


Indian eVisa - Passport-Details:

Applicants need to provide the passport details such as Passport Number, Place of Issue, Date of Issue, Date of expiry if the applicant has any other valid passport/ Identity Certificate(IC) then select it otherwise leave it as it is.


Indian eVisa - Address Details:

Applicants need to provide valid Present Address Details such as House No. / Street, Village/ Town/ City, Country, State/Province/ District, Postal/Zip Code, Mobile Number, Phone Number.

Address Details

Indian eVisa - Family Details:

The applicant needs to insert valid family details like Father details and Mother details. Both details have the following fields Name, Nationality/Region, Previous Nationality/Region, Place of Birth, Country of Birth.


Indian eVisa - Profession Occupation:

Provide your present Profession Occupation details such as Present profession, Give details, Employer Name/Business, Designation, Address, Phone, Past Occupation if any.


Indian eVisa - Visa Details:

Applicants need to provide visa-related details as the Place to be visited, details of hotel or room booking, Expected port of exit from India.


Indian eVisa - Previos Visa Currently Valid Visa Details:

Applicants need to answer the asked questions if yes then click on it.


Indian eVisa - SAARC Country Visit Details:

Must provide the details of your last visited countries in the last 10 years and SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries in the last 3 years.


Indian eVisa - Reference Details:

Applicants must provide their reference details in India. The reference details such as Reference Name in India, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Phone, Reference Name in Home Country, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Phone.


Indian eVisa - Additional Question:

The applicant will be asked some additional questions. If any questions are true then click on it and provide a valid answer.


Indian eVisa - Upload Photograph:

The applicants must upload photographs in the below-mentioned format and size.

The image should be in JPEG,

The minimum size is 10 KB to 10MB maximum,

required dimensions are 350 pixels(Width) x 350 pixels(Height),

Recent photographs with withe background,

Note:Application is liable to be rejected if the uploaded photographs are not clear as per the specification mentioned for photographs.

We follow to help you respond to these required photos and submit correctly. You can find more information / Photo / Document samples here: Indian Visa Photo Requirement.

Upload Photograph


Indian eVisa - Upload Document:

Upload your requirement document list such as a copy of the passport page containing personal particulars. Read the instructions before uploading the final document. Users can check the documents required for Indian e-Visa as per the selected visa type.


Indian eVisa - Upload Document Instruction:

Read the instructions carefully and proceed to upload documents.


All documents uploaded by the applicant including business cards, invitation letters, etc. must be in the English language, failing which Visa application would be liable for rejection.

PDF format

Size minimum 10 Kb, maximum 300 Kb

Passport upload- photo page of passport containing personal details like Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Expiry Date, etc. to be uploaded by the applicant.

Photo Page of the passport uploaded should be of the same passport whose details are provided in the passport details section.

Upload Document Instruction

The application is liable to be rejected if the uploaded photographs are not clear and as per specification.

I have verified that all the documents are uploaded as per the requirement.


Indian eVisa - Modify Edit:

Applicants can verify their details before submitting the visa application form. If any modification is needed, applicants can modify it.

Note:The applicant may face legal actions(including refusal to enter India or deportation) in case of providing wrong information.


Indian eVisa - Terms and Conditions:

Once all visa application details are verified, the applicant can check the list of all application details. Moreover, if any application filed is missing or not according to format, the applicant can modify it and proceed to accept the Terms and Conditions.


Indian eVisa - Evisa Appliaction Submison:

Applicant visa application will be saved successfully and you will get File Reference No.


Complete guide of eFRRO Visa Application and Option to Process:

The applicants now easily get the complete guide of eFRRO visa application and process to apply for Indian visa extension application. There are some services of eFRRO visa application such as:

New Application: Applicant applies and fills in the new eFRRO visa application.

Pending Application(s):Applicants can check their pending application status.

Submitted Applications(s):Easy way to see the submitted application.

Support Centers: The support center provides all queries and solutions to help applicants to fill successfully eFRRO visa application.

Photo/Document Requirement: Applicant can check all details required for Photo/Document requirements such as image format, size, documents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently asked questions help applicants to know more about eFRRO application during the interview or help them to find all information about it.


eFRRO Visa Application Process - Basic Details:

For the eFRRO visa application, the applicants need to fill in the basic details such as Nationality, Given Name, Surname, Gender.


eFRRO Visa Application - Basic Details Alert:

Alert Childern below the age of 12 years are exempted form FRRO/FRO registration.


eFRRO Visa Application - Basic Details Form:

The applicants must provide the office details and service details He/She wishes to opt for.

Services Details

eFRRO Visa Application - Applicant Present in India:

Note: The applicant should be present in India while applying for and for a grant of visa-related services.

Applicant present in India

eFRRO Visa Application - Document Required to Process:

The following documents are required for the eFRRO visa application.

  • Visa
  • Residence proof
  • Photo
  • Passport

eFRRO Visa Application - Personal Details Required:

Enter personal details: Father’s Name, Mother Name, Spouse Name, DOB Format, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Birth City.

Personal Details Required

eFRRO Visa Application - Address Details Required:

Provide your address outside of India, such details are Address, City, Country.

Provide your address intended for stay, such details are Address, PinCode, Phone Number, Mobile Number.


eFRRO Visa Application - Passport, Visa & Arrival Detals Required:

Enter your passport, visa, and Arrival details carefully.

Passport Details: Passport Number, Country of Issue, Place of Issue, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry

Visa Details: Visa Number, Country of Issue

eFRRO Visa Application


eFRRO Visa Application - Previouss Registration:

Select Yes or No!


eFRRO Visa Application - Accommpanying Member Details:

Applicants must provide the information of accompanying member detail.


eFRRO Visa Application - Current Extension Details:

Applicants must answer the questions regarding the current extension details.


eFRRO Visa Application - Upload Required Document:

Upload documents required for eFRRO visa application. Tap and hold the document name to know more about it such as Photo, Visa, Passport, Residence proof, others.


eFRRO Visa Application - Application Submitted Successfully:

Once the application is submitted successfully you will get an alert notification.

Notification: Your application —--------------- has been submitted successfully.

Application Submitted Successfully

eFRRO Visa Application - Application Saved Successfully:

When the application is saved successfully, the applicant will get File Reference No. Applicant download application.


eFRRO Visa Application - Submitted Application Form:

Applicants can view the eFRRO visa application form details and also can check all records.

Application Form
Application Form
Application Form

Check your Visa Status and eFRRO Status:

To check visa status and eFRRO status whether it’s been approved or pending.

For this, the applicant needs to select the application type: visa status and e-FRRO Status. Thereafter select your nationality, insert the details of passport number and Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY).


Official Mobile App Indian Visa Su-Swagatam Others Services:

Check Eligibility and visa fee for Indian visa:

Check Eligibility and visa fee for Indian visa: Enter your nationality and choose a visa type, if the applicant is eligible for visa, you can see a message quotes ”You can avail the following visa types issued by Govt. of India”

Eligibility and fee calculator

Explore India:

Incredible India offers a unique, ancient to modern culture & tradition experience, places, adventure, arts-crafts, heritages many more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Certainly, You can apply for Indian eVisa online for the secure and fast e-Visa services. It offers fast/normal visa processing and can get your visa such as emergency visas and other visa types (depending on what type you select) within hours.

Yes. Immediately after you click on submit your e Visa application and make the payment. You will receive a confirmation of submission of your application on the registered email id provided by you while filling up your application form.

Once you have applied for a visa according to your visit and need, you can not convert your e-Visa which is non-extendable and not convertible.

If you are willing to know the detailed procedure regarding applying for e-Visa, Please visit Indian e visa. Here you will get the complete depth procedure for each visa type and required documents and other necessary details.

Applicants must know that they have to pay only the visa processing fee. No, there is no fee other than the processing fee for e-Visa application and it is non refundable. Please, you can check the India visa fee and know the fee applicable for your country as it is country-specific.

Your Indian e-Visa application may take 72 hours or more for visa processing. You will be informed about your Visa status (Granted or Rejected) on your email id provided by you in the e-Visa application during the filling visa application.

You need to apply for a separate e-Visa for minor child traveling with you. Yes, to ensure that your child's passport is valid at-least for next 06 (six) months from the date of arrival in India.

Make sure you read all information about Indian visa fees because e-Visa processing fee once submitted is non refundable as the fee is for processing of the application and is not dependent on either Grant or Rejection of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

You don’t need to pay anything else regarding fees at the airport for e-Visa. Because you’ve already paid the required visa processing fee online. Be cautious, the applicants are strictly advised to beware of untrustworthy elements/ travel agents/ intermediaries demanding extra payment for visa.

This is of concern to the customs department.

The foreign traveler can approach the concerned Civil Authority i.e. FRRO/FRO office directly in case of exigency/emergency. Upon satisfaction of the case, the services can also be granted directly at the FRRO level. Make sure that services granted are electronic and not manual. You may face hurdles at the Immigration Check Posts in case of manual services.

e-FRRO is an online FRRO/FRO Service delivery mechanism for foreigners without the requirement of visiting FRRO/FRO Office.

The foreigners would be liable for prosecution/ fines as per Indian laws, for any delay in fee payment/document upload/not attending interview etc. Make sure foreigners are requested to provide required documents for Indian visa and make fee payment on time.

There would not be any requirement of endorsement on passport. If there is any such requirement, you would be informed by the FRRO/FRO concerned to visit their office.

RC/RP, Exit Permit and other documents will be sent by post on the "Address in India" mentioned in the online application form.

When an applicant successfully uploads an application and documents, the applicant will be notified to deposit the requisite Indian visa fee online, if any, for the service. The fee has to be deposited online through the Bank Payment gateway available on the portal such as Visa, Debit / Credit card. Amount of fee would be intimated through email/sms alerts.

The purpose of e-FRRO application is to apply online so no requirement of taking appointment and visiting FRRO/FRO office unless specifically called upon by the FRRO/FRO concerned. Intimation would be sent through sms/email on the registered mobile/email-id.

You can check Indian visa application status online at every stage of processing, the status of your application would be shared via SMS/ Email. You can also track your status by inserting your dashboard through a registered Email-ID/Password or application/passport number.

You can submit visa applications for your family members from the same ID. However you would be required to submit/fill individual online forms for each member of your family and upload documents/photographs and other necessary details .

It is mandatory to use a personal email ID. Foreign visitors should use their own personal email id to ensure data privacy and data security as important communication of your visa would be sent to your email.

Foreigners are required to create their own USER-ID by registering themselves online on e-FRRO portal. Thereafter, they need to apply online through registered user-id for various Visa and Immigration related services in India. Registration, Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc, without any hassle and obtain the service(s) without coming to FRRO/FRO office, you can apply from your comfort zone.

All foreign travelers who wish Visa and Immigration related services in India such as Registration, Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc need to apply for e-FRRO.


There are Useful links in the App as well, such as:

1. Medical Emergency (NABH) National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

2. Business in India with the portal of the Indian Government.

3. Safety of Foreigners, emergency and contact helpline through Ministry of Tourism Portal

4. India Tourism, Popular In India

5. Yoga and Spirituality, a portal for yoga practising, MoH&FW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) in authentic institutions in the country

6. Foreign Exchange, Taxes and Customs, RBI Portal for information related to foreign customs and exchange

7. Sample Forms, You can find the eVisa sample form and Visa on Arrival Sample Form


Official Mobile App Indian Visa Su-Swagatam Near By Places:

Find Nearest Tourist Places / Govt Agencies / Transport Services / Entertainment / Health Services / Religious / Lodging, Food & Shopping / Education Around You:

Amusement park

24/7 Visa assistant


Contact Us:

Contact us 24/7 regarding any issue related to e-Visa and Regular visa and also get the nearest FRRO visa office.

contact us app

Applicant Indian visa Portfolio

Applicant Indian visa portfolio where the applicant can manage all visa activities privately. It is highly secure.

The portfolio contains some basic fields such as My QR Code, My Profile, Eligibility & Fee Calculator, Explore India, Authorised ICP, About US, Settings, and Log Out.

Visa Portfolio

Menu app

Scan QR Code to Verify your Details:

Applicants can verify the details just using their QR Code online.

QR code

My Profile:

In my profile, an applicant can update profile information such as Email Id, Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Passport Number, Nationality and, Date of Birth.


Authorized ICP’s (Integrated Check Post) Name and Map:

Applicants can check all authorized ICP’s names such as Airports, Land ICPs Seaports, Rail ICPs, and also you can check them online on the map.

Authorized icp

Authorized ICP's

Authorized icp map

Get to know about Indian Visa:

The core objective of this Application is to develop and implement a secure and integrated service delivery framework that facilitates legitimate travelers while strengthening security.

The scope of the application includes some useful information like Checking Visa St downloading Electronic Travel Authorization, ICF etc for a traveler in a single window.

We see ourselves facilitating this change in technology and making the last-mile delivery of government services to the citizens a reality.

About Us


Applicant User Setting:

In setting, an applicant can enable or disable the location, choose a language, reset the account, and can change the password.

App setting

Log Out Mobile App Indian Visa Su-Swagatam:

To Log Out of your account, click on the Log Out Button. You will be redirected to the login/Sign Up page of the application.