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Eligible Country for Indian 1 Year e-Tourist Visa in 2024

Note: As per Indian government, dated 16.03.2022, e-Visa under the following categories 1 Year e-Tourist Visa has been restored.

Tourist Visas are issued to those who want to visit India for tourism, recreation, sightseeing, religious work, or visit India to meet their friends or relatives. This type of India visa is valid for use within 01 year/365 days from the date of the issue, and it allows travelers to visit India multiple times in these years. Applicants can visit India on any date within the period time of the validity of the visa. For all countries, continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 90 days for countries except the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan. (For the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan Continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days). Electronic Indian Visa (online Indian visa application) is an official document, which allows travelers to enter and travel within India.

Travelers will receive their own eVisa via email after the completion of the online application form with the required information, and the online credit card payment is verified.


Applicants under this visa category are citizens or permanent residents of the countries listed below: it allows the e-Visa for nationals of more than 165 Countries. They are eligible to apply for an online Indian 1 Year e-Tourist Visa. The validity of an ordinary passport for an ETA visa should be a minimum of 6 months. Please note that countries are not on the list below. They need to apply for a paper visa or need to contact the embassy.


  • A digital photograph of the applicant
  • Passport must have a validity of at least 6 months from the date of your intended arrival in India.

Eligible Countries for Indian 1-year e-tourist visa: