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India has made some announcements regarding to the traveling into or out of the country. The reason of these announcements is that there are many visa holder are stuck in India due to COVID-19 whose visas are going to expire or expiring. So Indian Government allowing international way for the people who stuck in India and also who stuck outside India. So the conditions will be fulfilled by following Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs). So Indian Government has issued travel advisories on daily basis. They also ask questions about visa policy and travel across Indian border during the period of pandemic. Moreover they provide some relief to visa holders currently in India who visa will be expire soon.

Why this matter?

The worries of people who are holding visa that is expiring or will be expiring soon should be calm by the step that is taken by Government of India to extend the validity of such visa extension india. Another thing is that with these changes Government of India also allowed international movement for the people who stuck in India or outside the India and they can fulfilled their conditions under Standard Operating Protocols (Sops). For those people they also have to go through detail process.

Extension of Visas of Stranded Foreign Nationals in India:

All foreign people who stuck in India and whose visa have expired or will be expiring soon during the period of 1st February 2020 to the date on which international air travel will be allow have their visa extended for a period of more than 30 days.

Standard Operating Protocols (Sops) for the people who stuck in India:

The people who will be allow to travel to the destination countries are as follows:

  • Person should be the citizen of that country where he will travel.
  • Person should be the visa holder of least one year of that destination country.
  • Green card and OCI holder will be allow to travel to the destination country.

There is also the Standard Operating Protocols (Sops) for the people who are from India and have some medical emergency or death in family. Such person will apply to Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) or to any agency that is affiliated by MoCA for this purpose.

Standard Operating Protocols (Sops) Indian national who stuck outside the country:

Such people have to register themselves to the Indian embassy in the countries where they stuck. But they give first priority to the people who are migrant, Labourer, short term visa holders whose visa are expired, person with medical emergency, ladies who are pregnant, hose people who want to return to India because of any death of the family member and students. The cost will be paid by the traveller.

How to Extend India Visa in India?

All foreigners can extend their Visa by India visa extension through website and the mobile application. You do not need to visit their offices because the whole process is online, but when they call you to come to their office, you have to visit them.

  • You can apply for a frro visa extension at the website or mobile application. You do not need to visit their office. They call you in a specific situation; otherwise, the whole procedure is online.
  • The only interest of India visa extension is to provide a platform for foreign tourists to solve their problems regarding their Visa.
  • Our priority and mission are to provide foreigner a friendly atmosphere where they get paperless, cashless services and also save their time. With these, their job will be done with zero tension.
  • By using website and application, many foreigners can create their ID by registering themselves. By this, they can apply for e Visa and also for other visa services like registration, visa extension, exit permit, and other services.
  • All documents of the applicant like visa documents, India visa extension all will be directly sent to registered email.
  • Foreigners don't need to visit their offices. But in case of some conditions, they will call you directly, or by email, they notify you to visit their office.
  • For further information, you can contact us.

Process for Extension Visa Application:

To apply for visa extension India, following are the three most easy steps to apply for the Indian visa extension.

  • Fill out the online application form

    All which you have got to do is to simply fill extension Visa application form. You have to enter the exact information of you as per described in your official documents. The extension Visa Online is considered the most straightforward and easy to apply forum. If you have followed all the given instructions, you will get the entire information ready within no time.

  • Receive confirmation and make payment

    After you are done with applying for visa extension India on our site, second step to do is to pay the service fee and Government fee. This payment can be done by your Card/Debit Card or even PayPal. Applicants who have fulfilled all the steps will receive a confirmation. Once you have paid the fee, you can wait for the fee approval email by our side and PayPal or your Card/Debit Card.

  • Take your visa extension from email.

    After you are done with applying and payment, you will receive confirmation of your extension visa approval on your email. You can get the extension within 7 to 10 working days. It is all up to you if you have added a valid email or not. Moreover, keep on refreshing your email to check if you received a new mail or not as sometimes it comes in spam folders as well. In case if you are facing any issue, you are asked to contact customer care executive who are there to assist.

    you accordingly. Another major step is to get your Visa confirmation email as well as your Visa from soft copy to a hard one. You will need both of these.

Document Required for the Extension of Visa:

If you are applying for the extension of Indian regular Visa, you must submit some documents necessary in order to send out the application. Thus, you have to upload some documents to apply for the visa extension. So applicant need to upload this documents:

  • Copy of Passport:

    So the first document is your passport copy. You have to upload a color scanned copy of first page of your passport which contain all your information with your photo. Keep in mind that copy should not be blurred.

  • Copy of Latest Indian Visa:

    Another document you have upload is your latest Indian visa copy. For uploading it the procedure is same as the procedure for copy of passport. Copy should be clear, format should be in pdf and the maximum size is 1 MB.

  • Recent Photographs of Applicant:

    There is no use of any editing software like Photoshop on photograph or else they will reject your request.

    • Use jpg format for your photo.
    • Maximum size of your photo should be 1 MB.
    • The view of your photo should be Full face, front view and open eyes.
    • Background color of photograph should be white or light color.
    • Photo should be without shadow on face and background.
    • Photo should be in passport size 3.5 x 3.5 cm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

  • Residence Proof of India:

    The Residence proof can be any of the following:

    • Form C copy issued by a Hotel or Lodge
    • Utility bill (electricity, municipal, or landline telephone bills) of the landlord for an individual who is living with a relative or a friend. And a copy of the landlord’s identity card
    • A copy of the first page, last page, and the page showing the validity of a lease and license agreement, if it is a rented accommodation.

How can I Get C Form?

C-form for address proof in India, Please visit fill in the appropriate details.

Go to sign up. Select register as an individual house. Generate username and password with details of house owner. Now log in, go for a new c-form, enter details of the applicant and upload a photo (of applicant). After final submission, go to bulk c-form print, download recently submitted c-form, upload the pdf file here in your application.

Additional documents required for different Visa types:

Extension for different types of Indian regular Visa may ask for different documents which are mandatory to submit. Following are the mandatory documents required for extension of different types of the regular Visa.

  • Medical Visa:
    • Medical Certificate: A letter issued from the hospital where the patient is to undergo treatment. It must be a recognized hospital.
    • RC/ RP: Registration Certificate/Residential Permit
  • Medical Attendant Visa
    • Medical Certificate: A letter issued from a recognized hospital where the patient is to undergo treatment.
    • RC/ RP
  • Business Visa
    • Business Proof: Documents that show the authenticity of the business.
    • RBI/ GOI Approval: RBI/GOI issues a permission letter in situations where there is a collaboration or when ventures are held jointly.
    • Incorporation Letter
    • AIESEC Letter: For internships, AIESEC issues a letter to business visa applicants
    • Memorandum of Articles: This is the first and last page showing details of Directors
    • DIN No. Page: The page where the Director’s Identification Number is displayed
    • Undertaking Letter: A letter of undertaking written by any authorized staff member of the company, or by one of the company’s directors.
    • Balance Sheet: Balance sheet that shows the company’s turn over
    • Income Tax paper
    • RC/ RP
  • Conference Visa:
    • Invitation letter: Invitation letter from the Conference organizer justifying extension of visa
    • RC/RP: Registration -Certificate/ Residential Permit
  • Entry visa:
    • Registration Certificate: FRRO/FRO Registration Certificate/Residential Permit Of The Entry (X-1) Visa Holder
    • Undertaking from Sponsor/Parents: Undertaking Of Parents Along With Passport And Visa/OCI Copies (In Case Of Minors)
  • Journalist visa:
    • Accreditation Certificate: Accreditation Certificate From Press Information Bureau
    • Registration Certificate and Stay Visa: Registration Certificate And Stay Visa (If Any)
    • Letter from Ministry of External Affairs: Approval Letter For The Ministry Of External Affairs, Govt. Of India For Visa Extension
  • Long term visa:
    • Tenant Verification: Verified/Stamped Copy Of Tenant Verification Form From Jurisdictional Police Station (In Case Of Rented Accommodation)
    • Unhcr Card: Copy Of UNHCR Card (Photo Page) Indicating Date Of Issue And Validity
    • RC/RP:
  • MISC SP visa:
    • Bonafide Certificate: Letter From Bureau Of His Holiness The Dalai Lama/Central Tibetan Authority Certifying Bonafide Tibetan National
    • Tenant Verification: Verified/Stamped Copy Of Tenant Verification Form From Jurisdictional Police Station (In Case Of Rented Accommodation)
    • Certificate of Identity: Photo Page, Page Indicating Validity (Certificate Of Identity)
  • Student Visa
    • RC/ RP covering the visa period: Registration Certificate/Residential Permit
    • Residence Proof: This can be any of the following: (i) Form C copy issued by a Hotel or Lodge (ii) utility bill (electricity, municipal, or landline telephone bills) of the landlord for an individual who is living with a relative or a friend, and a copy of the landlord’s identity card (iii) a copy of the first page, last page, and the page showing the validity of a lease and license agreement if accommodation is rented (iv) a confirmation letter from your institution if you are a student staying in a hostel.
    • Financial guarantee: (i) verified statement of account for three years belonging to the Student (visa holder), sponsor, or parent and/or (ii) a fixed deposit certificate belonging to the Student (visa holder), sponsor, or parent and/or (iii) a financial institution issued loan sanctioning letter, if an educational loan is taken and proof of liquid assets if the source is not 100% loan and/or (iv) every other supporting document as they relate to scholarships or liquid assets being presented.
    • Bonafide certificate (Form S)
  • Employment Visa:
    • Contract Paper: A letter of employment with the salary details and period of employment among other things.
    • Income Tax paper: Form 16/ or for applicants who have lived in India for more than one year, an Income Tax return. A bank deposit slip as a proof of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) for the active financial year.
    • Undertaking Letter: A signed letter of undertaking with full name and phone number written by an Indian host or any authorized individual.
    • RC/ RP
    • Request Letter: An extension letter written by the company showing the period for which extension will cover. The proof of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) payment must also be attached.
  • Missionary Visa:
    • Undertaking Letter: Undertaking Letter Duly Signed By An Indian Host Or An Indian Authorized Signatory With Name, Phone No., Designation And Copy Of A Photo-ID Ensuring Repatriation, If Anything Adverse Comes To Notice
    • Registration certificate: FRRO/FRO Registration Certificate/Residential Permit Of The Missionary (M-1) Visa Holder
    • Request Letter: Letter of request from a missionary
    • Missionary Registration Certificate: Certificate Of Registration Of Missionary In India
    • Audit Report: Certified Audit Report Of The Missionary For The Last Financial Year
    • FCRA: FCRA Approval, If Any
    • Tenure of Missionary Work in India: Letter From Missionary Mentioning The Applicant’s Duration Of Missionary Work In India
  • Temporary Landing Permit:
    • Tenant Verification: Verified/Stamped Copy Of Tenant Verification Form From Jurisdictional Police Station (In Case Of Rented Accommodation)
    • Travel Ticket: Copy Of Confirmed Air Ticket
    • TLP Letter: Letter /Documents Justifying TLP Extension

Here is the Sample of Documents:

Sample of Photograph of Applicant

Sample of Photograph of Applicant

Sample of Passport Copy

Sample of Passport Copy

Sample of India Visa

Sample of India Visa

How can I Get C Form? See More

How can I get c form?

Undertaking Letter

Undertaking letter

Under Taking Letter for 18+

Under taking letter for 18+

Request Letter

Request letter

Consent Letter

Consent Letter

Registration Certificate / Residential Permit (RC / RP)

Registration Certificate / Residential Permit (RC / RP)





Affidavit Duty Notarized

Affidavit Duty Notarized

Surrendered Indian Passport

Surrendered Indian passport

Surrendered Indian Passport Certificate

Surrendered Indian passport certificate

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Sample of Din No page

Sample of Din No page

Sample of Memorandum of Articles

Sample of Memorandum of Articles

Sample of RBI-Approved

Sample of RBI-approved

Sample of Incorporation Letter

Sample of Incorporation Letter

eFRRO Granted Visa Extension

eFRRO Granted Visa Extension

Indian Visa Extension Fees:

To complete the process of your online India visa extension, you may be required to pay visa extension fees. The Indian government extension visa fee is usually dependent on the country and type of extension-visa. You can pay with a credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay).

There are:

  • Service Fee
  • Government Fee

The Government could apply an additional actual fee/penalty fee in case of longer stay than authorised or not returning to their / third country. The Actual/Penalty will be calculated after submission of application.

The Actual/Penalty fee will need to be paid after submission of visa extension application if any.

Applicants are advised to apply minimum 2 week in advance:

These rules sometimes change at short notice. The information which is given should be used as guideline only. For more information passengers should be refer to the newest information which is published by the government for their destination or home town.

Extension of Visa after May 17 2020:

All the travel who wished to stay for longer period and they are seeking extension in their visa beyond the period of stipulated. Then they will need to pay the fee of requisite if they receive a message from the Visa extending authority by the Government of India.

  • Applicants are advised not to submit many applications for extension of visa.
  • Multiple submission can make your extension delay.

Note: In the backdrop of the outbreak of COVID-19, no foreigner is allowed to visit the FRRO office for OCI / registration and other visa related services without prior appointment until further orders.

For appointment, contact respective FRRO Support Centres as given below:

Place Office Address Telephone Email
  • FRRO Delhi
  • East Block-VIII,
    Level-2 Sector-1,R.K. Puram,
    New Delhi-110066
  • 011-26711384 (Tel),
    (Fax), Support Centre:011-26711443, 011-26713851
  • FRRO Mumbai
  • Annex-|| Bldg., 3rd Floor Badruddin Tayyabji Marg
    Behind St.Xavier College, C.S.T Mumbai 400001 (The Landmark is near C.S.T railway station and the office is in the lane beside the Times of india building.), For Enquiries on Registration and Visa Services
    Phone 022-22620446, Enquiry For PIO/OCI phone 022-22621167
  • 022-22621169 (Tel) ,
    022-22620721 (Fax)
  • FRRO Chennai
  • Shastri Bhawan Annexe Building 26 Haddows Road,
    Nungabakkam, Chennai-600006
  • 044-28251721(Helpline, 0800-2000 Hrs),
    044-23454971(Fax), 044-29510706 (OCI queries), OCI timing (10:00-15:00 hrs, 13:30-14:00 hrs - Lunch break) ,
  • FRRO Bengaluru
  • 5th Floor,'A' Block,
    TTMC,BMTC Bus Stand Building,
    K.H. Road, Shantinagar,
  • 080-22218195,080-22218183,080-22218110 ,
    080-22218196 [Fax]
  • FRRO Ahmedabad
  • Barrack No. 2, First Floor,
    Govt. Polytechnic Campus, Ambawadi,
  • 079-26306606 (Tel) ,
    079-26306607 (Fax)
  • FRRO Amritsar
  • H.No. 208, Basant Avenue
  • 0183-2500464 (Tel) ,
    0183-2500465 (Fax)
  • FRRO Hyderabad
  • Foreigners Regional Registration Officer
    Bureau of Immigration (MHA), Govt. of India,
    Sardar Vallabhai Patel BoI OCR Complex,
    Shamshabad-Pahadishareef Road near GMR Township (CISF Residential Quarters),
    Shamshabad Telangana, PIN-501218
  • 040-29880374,040-29880375 ,
  • FRRO Kolkata
  • 237, A.J.C Bose Road,
  • 033-22900549 (Tel) ,
  • FRRO Lucknow
  • 557, Hind Nagar,
    Kanpur Road Near Old Chungi,
  • 0522-2432431 (Tel) ,
    0522-2432430 (Fax)
  • FRRO Trivandrum
  • T.C. 30/1398-3, First Floor, Amrith Plaza,
    Nalumukku, Pettah P.O.,
  • 0471-2573512 (Tel) ,
    0471-2573514 (Fax)
  • FRRO Kozhikode(Calicut)
  • 20/1305, Castle View, Thiruvannur Road,
    Panniyankara,Kallai PO,
  • 0495-2323550 ,
  • FRRO Cochin
  • Airline Offices Building, Cochin International Airport Ltd.,Airport PO,
    Cochin- 683111, Kerala, 2nd Floor
  • 0484-2611652 (Tel) ,
    0484 2611652(Fax)
  • FRRO Goa
  • Foreigners Branch, Goa Police Head Quarters,
    Opposite to Azad Maidan, Panaji. Pin : 403 001
  • 0832 242 65 45 (Tel) ,
    0832 242 65 45 (Fax)