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UAE Grants On-Arrival Visas to Eligible Indian Travellers

UAE Grants On-Arrival Visas to Eligible Indian Travellers

Dubai's Emirates Airlines has collaborated with VFS Global to introduce a pre-approved visa-on-arrival service for specific Indian passport holders flying with the airline. This service is tailored for Indian passport holders with a valid six-month visa for the US, a US Green Card, an EU Residency, or a UK Residency. 

Administered by the Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) and issued as a 14-day single-entry visa, this initiative aims to provide Emirates customers with a seamless arrival experience.

This exclusive perk applies to Indian passport holders who also possess a valid

  • US Visa (any type)
  • US Green Card
  • EU Residency Permit
  • UK Residency Permit


  • Convenience: Avoid pre-application hassle and simply receive your visa upon landing in Dubai.
  • Time-Saving: Skip lengthy waits and formalities at immigration counters.
  • Eligibility: Open to many Indian passport holders with valid US, EU, or UK travel documents.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy a 14-day single-entry visa, perfect for short visits and getaways.

This visa-on-arrival program opens doors for spontaneous trips and exciting explorations for eligible Indian travellers. Responsible planning and checking official sources are critical to a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Explore other UAE visa options, such as tourist visas for extended stays or multiple entries. Choose the option that best suits your travel plans and requirements.


Who is eligible for this visa-on-arrival option?

Indian passport holders with a valid US visa (any type), US Green Card, EU Residency Permit, or UK Residency Permit can utilise this service.

Where and how can I get this visa upon arrival?

Head to the Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) at the airport after landing in the UAE. The process is pretty straightforward, although specific procedures might vary.

What are the visa validity and entry limitations?

This visa grants a 14-day single-entry permit. If you require a more extended stay or multiple entries, explore other visa options offered by the UAE.

 Are there any costs associated with this visa?

Yes, visa fees will apply upon arrival. While potentially cheaper than pre-applying, check official sources for current fee information.

Should I rely solely on this information before my trip?

No! This summary serves as a general guide. Always consult official government websites for the latest updates, potential changes, and detailed eligibility requirements before planning your trip to avoid any inconvenience.