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Payment Guidelines

Payment Guidelines for Online India Visa Application

  • To avail online e-Visa services, you need fill online application form and after that next step is online payments.

  • We accept Credit card / Debit Card / PayPal and Western Union methods for payments through our website.

  • After payments, we will email you a copy of payment receipt on your email, when your order get complete.

Online Secure technology

Online payment, the third parties payment gateway make a promise to keep your online transactions protected from starting to last end.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express

You can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express to make PayPal payments. Another fast and easy option is paying with your bank account. Paying through PayPal is a convenient way to keep their spending under control so many members choose to pay with their bank accounts through this.

Western Union

We also accept payment through any worldwide bank using Western Union service. We will send you name of receiver then you need to provide us the money transfer control number (MTCN) in order to finalize the payments.

Issue Resolution

If there is any problem with the transaction, or duel transaction, please contact us immediately. We will put your funds on hold until the issue is resolved.

Use the Internet Safely

  • Check for presence of an address, phone number, email contact, which indications that the website is genuine. If have any doubts, send an email or call us.
  • Check the website’s address, by looking for subtle misspellings, extra words, characters or numbers etc.
  • Be aware of websites that are advertised in unsolicited emails from strangers.
  • Kindly note the web address should begin with ‘https://’. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’.

Safe Use of Browsers

The most common internet browsers enable you to manage your settings such as allowing and blocking selected websites, blocking pop ups and browsing in private.

If there is any payment error, please email us: support [@]