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Eligible Country for Indian 30 Days Tourist eVisa in 2024

Note: As per Indian government, dated 15.11.2021, e-Visa under the following categories 30 days e-Tourist Visa has been restored.

The India Visa service was launched in 2014 through the Government of India. It allows citizens of more than 165 countries to travel to India without the need for physical stamping on passports. All foreign travelers require an India Visa (Indian eVisa) or a regular/paper visa before entering India, according to immigration authorities of the Government of India. Indian eVisa is an online process that is very easy to apply for an online visa.

Travelers can now apply for the India 30 Days Tourist visa, which allows Double Entries. Which countries are in the list below and are eligible to apply for India visa online, there is no need to visit the Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission to get a Visa to India. If your countries are eligible to apply for an Indian visa online, then you can fill an online application form on our website. You need to fill some information to complete your application form, related to your family relations, parents and spouse name, applicant photo, and applicant passport scan copy. After feeling the details, you just need to complete the online payment. Payment based on the type of visa you apply. Also, the India visa fee depends on your country and visa type. If there is any problem in filling the application form, then you can contact us at any time. Our team is available at your service 24/7.

Once your visa is successfully submitted, The government of India will grant your e-Visa. Your visa will be sent to the email provided in the visa application. You should carry your visa electronic copy on your mobile device or printed copy of this Indian eVisa at all times during the travel. The immigration officer will check your visa India at the time of entry.

Frequently Asked Question:

The India Tourist visa is valid for a max duration of 30 days. The visa validity starts from the date of your arrival in India. You must book your tickets wisely, after thorough research on flights availability. Overstaying your visa even by a single day could lead to a fine or legal penalty. Generally, the per-day overstaying penalty ranges between $30 and $300. Remember, the 30-day tourist E-visa is a Double-Entries travel permit with very specific issue and expiry dates.

You can extend your Indian Tourist E-visa beyond its expiry date, but you have to do it before the visa expires. However, you cannot renew or extend your 30-day e-visa as it is a short-term travel permit. The visa extension is offered to holders of long-term visas.

Apply for Indian 30 Days Tourist Visa:

When do your Indian 30 days Tourist e-Visa expire and what does the expiry date mean on your electronic India 30 days Tourist Visa (e-Visa India)

A 30 days e-Tourist Visa ETA validity is 120 days from the date of grant it was during covid-19. Now a 30 days e-Tourist Visa ETA validity is 30 Days from the date of grant. The visa holder MUST enter India before the “Date of expiry of ETA”.

Applicants can stay in India for 30 days. The 30 day India e-Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible & not valid for visiting Protected / Restricted and Cantonment Areas. If you intend to visit Protected /Restricted / Cantonment areas, you would require prior permission from the Civil Authority.

Example: If 30 days ETA is granted on 22 Dec 2022, applicants can enter India before 21 Jan 2024 any date as mentioned on eVisa. If Applicants will arrive in India on 20 Jan 2024, he/she can stay in India until 19 Feb 2022.

Indian 30 days Tourist e-Visa sample

You can check the sample of an old 30 days tourist e-visa below for getting an understanding about the differences in entry rules then and now

Indian 30 days Tourist e-Visa new sample