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Comprehensive Guide to Indian Embassies Worldwide

When it comes to diplomatic missions, Indian embassies are a symbol of trust and unity, representing the country's interests in foreign lands. With a vast network of embassies and consulates, India has established a significant presence in the international community. This article provides a comprehensive guide to Indian embassies worldwide.

The Role of Indian Embassies

Indian embassies play a crucial role in fostering diplomatic relations with other countries. They serve as the official representation of the Indian government in foreign nations, handling a wide range of diplomatic duties, from consular services to fostering trade relations.

The Extensive Network of Indian Embassies

India maintains a large diplomatic network worldwide, reflecting its links in the world and particularly in neighboring regions. As of 2023, India has 122 embassies, 110 consulates, and 8 other representations abroad. This extensive network spans across continents, from North America to Asia, and from Europe to Africa.

Indian Embassies in the United States

In the United States, Indian embassies and consulates are located in key cities such as Washington D.C., New York, Houston, and Georgia. These diplomatic missions provide a range of services to Indian citizens residing in the U.S. and Americans interested in visiting or doing business with India.

Indian Embassies in Other Countries

Indian embassies are not just limited to the United States. They are present in numerous countries around the world, including South Africa, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, to name a few. Each embassy works to strengthen India's diplomatic ties with its host country.


Indian embassies play a vital role in representing India's interests abroad. With a large network of embassies and consulates, India has a significant diplomatic presence worldwide. Whether you're an Indian citizen living abroad or a foreign national interested in India, the Indian embassy in your country is a valuable resource.