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Eligible Country for Indian e-Visa in 2024

Due to covid-19: The list of eligible countries for Indian e-Visa online application has been changed for the time being. Visitors should check this page and the latest government announcements before making any travel arrangements to India.

Indian Government launched e-Visa scheme for the nationals of more than 166 Countries, to visit India by using new e-Visa services from applying online through their own Countries. All visitors except visa exempt countries are legally required to hold a valid India travel visa.

The e-Visa services will allow citizens of the following countries / territories who had ordinary passports to obtain the e-Visa (unless citizen is of Pakistani origin) ...

Eligible Countries for Indian eVisa

Please Note: All e-Visa and visa online services are currently not available for the citizens of the countries listed below.

The Indian e-visa facility to citizens has been withdrawn from the 1st August 2021. We will update as soon as the e-visa facility is resumed for the below country.

Now, Please apply for a regular sticker visa at the Indian embassy in their country or nearby countries. Please contact the nearest embassy, consulate or visa application centre.

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Iran
  • Qatar
  • Macau

Requirements for e-Tourist Visa:-

  • A colored scan copy of the biographical page of the applicant’s current passport.
  • Recent colored passport size photo ( Link page Guidelines for Photos )

Additional requirements for e-Business Visas:-

For this type of visa, the applicant needs a scanned copy of the biographical page of his / her current passport. Along with that applicants must have provided the following:

  • Business Card.
  • Need to answer certain questions related to the sending and receiving organizations.

Additional requirements for e-Medical Visas:-

Along with the previously mentioned documents, applicants must also provide the following:

  • Letter from the hospital.
  • Answer questions concerning the hospital in India that need to be visited.

Additional requirements for e-Conference Visa:-

Along with the previously mentioned documents, applicants must also provide the following:

  • Invitation from the organizer.
  • Political clearance from MEA.
  • Event clearance from MHA.

Requirements for e-Medical Attendant Visa:-

Along with the previously mentioned documents, applicants must also provide the following:

  • Applicant's recent colored photograph (dimensions 2in X 2in) size less than 1MB.
  • Copy of Passport page containing personal particulars.

Please check Criteria according to the nationality of passport below:-


Applicants can depart from any above authorized Immigration Check Posts in India. If arriving at any other port of entry, applicants are required to apply for a traditional Indian visa at the nearest embassy mission / consulate.

Indian all evisa and Complete guide / Information to filling Visa forms, what kind of requirements, the application process and more relevant details: