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Emirates Pre-Approved Visa for Indians

Pre-Approved Visas for Indians by Emirates

Good news for Indian passport holders! Emirates, the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has partnered with VFS Global to offer a pre-approved visa-on-arrival program for specific categories of travellers. This partnership simplifies the entry process, potentially making Dubai an even more attractive destination for Indian tourists.


  • Indian nationals with a valid 6-month visa for the US, EU Residency, UK Residency, or US Green Card.
  • Visa Details: The pre-approved visas are valid for 14 days with a single entry.
  • As of now, this program is an exclusive benefit for Emirates passengers.

Book your flight on the Emirates website, click "manage an existing booking," then "apply for a UAE visa." You'll be redirected to the VFS Global portal for further instructions.

Significance for Indian Travellers

  • Simplified Entry: This program eliminates the need for separate visa applications, saving time and hassle.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Emirates' extensive network of 167 weekly flights to India offers convenient travel options.
  • Growing Importance: Dubai remains a popular tourist destination for Indian nationals, with over 2 million overnight stays in 2023.

Indian passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 29 countries and eTA access to 3 more. They can travel freely to 2 countries and acquire eVisas for 35 others. However, visas are still required for travel to 130 countries, with the Indian passport ranking 132nd globally.

The Future of Travel

  • This initiative by Emirates reflects the evolving travel landscape and increasing demand for hassle-free travel experiences.
  • Understanding shifting trends and catering to specific traveller needs will be crucial for airlines and destinations to remain competitive.
  • The impact of visa policy changes and regional preferences will continue to shape travel patterns in the future.


Who is eligible for this pre-approved visa program?

Indian nationals holding a valid 6-month visa for the US, EU Residency, UK Residency, or US Green Card can apply, but only if they travel with Emirates.

How long does the pre-approved visa last?

The visa allows for a single entry and is valid for 14 days, ideal for short trips.

How can I apply for this visa?

The application process is available online. Simply book your Emirates flight, manage your booking, and apply for the UAE visa through the VFS Global portal accessed through the Emirates website.

Is this program replacing the regular visa application process?

No, this pre-approved visa option is an additional, faster alternative for eligible individuals. Regular visa applications are still available.

Why might someone choose Bangkok over Dubai now, despite this new program?

Recent visa policy changes in Thailand and Southeast Asia make it a more attractive option for some Indian travellers than Dubai, even with the improved entry process offered by Emirates.

Will this program affect the number of Indian tourists visiting Dubai?

It's difficult to say definitively. While it might attract more eligible travellers, changing preferences and regional competition could influence overall visitor numbers.