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Indian Tourism Sectors Expectations From Union Budget 2024

Indian Tourism Sector’s Expectations From Union Budget 2024

The Indian travel and tourism sector is poised at a crucial juncture with the upcoming Union Budget 2024. With Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman set to unveil the interim budget on February 1, 2024, the industry is abuzz with expectations. This year is particularly significant due to being an election year, which brings forth unique considerations for the budget, which is anticipated to lay the groundwork for nominal economic growth without delving into major policy overhauls.

Understanding the Impact of the Union Budget 2024

Hospitality Industry Expectations

The hospitality industry is keenly awaiting the Union Budget 2024, hoping for measures that will support growth and sustainability. Key expectations include a lenient tax structure and increased fund allocation, vital steps to revitalise the sector and boost the tourism industry.

Fiscal Roadmap Anticipation and Government Spending

The interim budget is expected to follow a vote of account, focusing on immediate financial authorisations rather than comprehensive fiscal planning. However, the travel and tourism sector anticipates strategic government spending on infrastructure and policy reforms that could pave the way for long-term prosperity.

Tourism Policy Reforms and Reduced GST Rates

Reformative measures in travel industry regulations, coupled with reduced GST rates, are among the top demands. These changes are crucial for making India a more attractive destination for domestic and international travellers, enhancing the industry's overall competitiveness.

Driving Growth Through Strategic Initiatives

Promoting Domestic Tourism and Vande Bharat Routes Expansion

The expansion of Vande Bharat routes and the promotion of domestic tourism are expected to be key focus areas in the budget. These initiatives are essential for tapping into India's vast potential for domestic travel, which is projected to become the third-largest market globally by 2027.

Attracting Diverse Geographies and Middle-Class Travel Growth

Efforts to attract footfalls across diverse geographies within the country are crucial for balanced regional development. Furthermore, the empowerment of the middle class and their growing propensity to travel is a significant factor that the budget could address, aiming to unlock new avenues for growth in the travel sector.

Development of Tourism-Friendly Locations

The development and channelisation of tourism-friendly locations, backed by financial and policy support, are vital for enhancing India's appeal as a premier travel destination. This includes not just the beautification and maintenance of tourist spots but also ensuring accessibility, safety, and quality experiences for visitors.


How does the Union Budget 2024 impact the travel and tourism sector?

The budget is expected to introduce measures such as lenient tax structures, increased fund allocations, and policy reforms to boost the sector's growth and make India a more attractive travel destination.

What are the key demands of the hospitality industry from the Union Budget 2024?

The industry is seeking reduced GST rates, relaxation in travel industry regulations, increased government spending on infrastructure, and initiatives to promote domestic tourism.

How can the Union Budget 2024 support domestic tourism?

Expanding Vande Bharat routes, developing tourism-friendly locations, and implementing policies that facilitate more straightforward and affordable travel within the country.