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Public Health and Passenger Locator Form

Updated Feb 13, 2023

As per the latest govt. update, mandatory self-declaration on Air Suvidha by international arriving passengers has been discontinued. 

All international passengers travelling to India would not be required to fill out any health declaration forms to be eligible for making entry to India.

In addition to that as of now travellers can travel to India even without being vaccinated or partially vaccinated however, the Indian government recommends that everyone who is travelling to India be fully vaccinated as per the primary schedule of Covid-19 vaccination in their respective countries of residence, citizenship or nationality.

Updated Dec 07, 2021

New Entry Requirements for India: The ministry of civil aviation India has started a contactless solution by the name of air suvidha for all the international passengers visiting India due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Air Suvidha self declaration form to be mandatorily filled by all international arriving passengers to India.

Old Update May 08, 2021:

Dear Traveler,

We would like to inform you that all passengers will have to be required to complete a public health and passengers locator form and carry it on arrival at destination within compliance with current regulations. According to local authority decisions, Forms are collected at the time of arrival country by country.

All other countries even can politely demand such a form upon arrival, so we suggest you always check the travel rules and regulations on the official websites before traveling.

Passenger Locator Form Sample:

Passenger locator form


Download the public health and passenger locator form here India passenger locator form
Please print it, fill in, and have it with you upon reaching the destination.

Thank you,

Self Reporting form Proforma for International Passengers:

As per the guidelines issued by the Indian government, the online registration form for self-declaration and exemption would be available here from 0001 hours of 8th August 2020. Passengers are requested to remain in touch with the airline concerned for more information. Download here self reporting form proforma for international passengers

self-reporting form proforma for international passengers


who international passengers wish to want to enter in Delhi International airport. self-declaration form will need to fill a mandatory and it's processing completely an online portal through Delhi Airport. And can apply for exemption from mandatory institutional quarantine for coronaviruses.

On the arrival in India will not have to fill out physical copies of self-declaration and quarantine exemption forms. As per the procedures will not rush to the airport. if any no rush after that passengers will not face any difficulty. who international passengers who have held valid documents under the 5 categories only can apply online for exemption from compulsory institute quarantine. which is following below...

  • Pregnant women
  • Whose have had families mourn
  • People suffering from serious diseases
  • Parents accompanying with children under 10
  • Covid-19 negative certificate (attach RT PCR test only). And RT PCR test should be done 96 hours before owning the journey.

After implementing the self-reporting form, you will get an application request number. DIAL said They have to submit a copy of their passport along with supporting documents at least 72 hours before boarding their flights. The e-form available for under five specific categories has to be filled on

The passenger who will be allowed to be exempt. They will directly go to their own home. And the Whole have to undergo a 14-day home quarantine. All other international travelers arriving in India will have to follow the normal procedure of compulsory seven-day institutional quarantine at their own cost. it quarantine will nearby airport and even arrange by Delhi Airport.

After landing, passengers can show approval certificate on the mandatory certificate in transfer area from institutional quarantine. Not only will it be useful for visiting India. But the passenger arrival hall will also be less crowded