Apply for India eVisa

India e-visa or Visa on Arrival

For trips to India, most travelers need to apply for a visa before their departure. An online e-visa is typically sufficient, but citizens of certain countries can apply for a visa on arrival.

Visa Requirements for India: A Guide for Travelers

When planning a trip to India, it's important to ensure compliance with the Indian visa requirement. For European travellers, including those from the UK and Ireland, obtaining an India e-visa is typically sufficient for holiday or business purposes. Fortunately, this visa can be conveniently applied for online. 

India e-visa or Visa on Arrival

However, it's worth noting that Indian nationals and individuals holding a valid OCI or PIO card are exempt from visa requirements. Additionally, in most cases, travellers with Nepalese or Bhutanese nationality do not need an India visa.

India Visa on Arrival: Eligibility for Japanese, South Korean, and Emirati Nationals

For travelers from certain countries, the visa application process for India differs. Visitors from Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) holding a valid standard passport are eligible for the Indian Visa on Arrival.

Changes in Tourist Visa on Arrival

Previously, there were options for Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVOA) for nationals of several countries like Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Luxembourg, and Finland. However, it is important to note that the TVOA is no longer available for travelers with nationalities other than those mentioned above.

Applying for a Visa

For travelers not eligible for Visa on Arrival, it is crucial to apply for the appropriate visa before departing for India. The most common and convenient option is the e-visa, which ensures a secure and streamlined process.

It's essential to stay updated with the latest official information, as outdated information can sometimes be found online. Always verify the visa requirements based on your specific nationality and plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

Important Considerations for Visa on Arrival in India

If you are a traveler eligible for the Indian Visa on Arrival, it's important to note that this visa can only be obtained at specific airports in India. The following airports currently offer the Visa on Arrival service:

  • Delhi Airport
  • Mumbai (or Bombay) Airport
  • Chennai Airport
  • Kolkata (or Calcutta) Airport
  • Bengaluru (Bangalore) Airport
  • Hyderabad Airport

Please keep in mind that in the past, the Visa on Arrival could also be applied for at certain other airports, but the current policy restricts the availability to the airports listed above.

Visa on Arrival for United Arab Emirates Nationals

If you hold the nationality of the United Arab Emirates and wish to apply for a Visa on Arrival in India, there are specific requirements that apply. In order to be eligible, you must have previously traveled to India with a visa that was obtained before departure. This can be either a physical paper visa or one of the available e-visas.

India e Visa: A Secure and Convenient Option for Travelers

For travellers seeking information and clarification regarding the requirements for obtaining an Indian Visa on Arrival, it is recommended to reach out to the Indian Embassy. However, those who are eligible for a Visa on Arrival may also consider the convenience and security of applying for an e-visa online. By opting for the online application process, you can determine your visa status before your departure, providing peace of mind.

Online Application for India E-Visa

Obtaining an e-visa for India is a hassle-free process through the online platform. Correctly submitted applications that meet all the requirements are rarely rejected. To confirm your eligibility based on your nationality, you can conveniently check the online portal. Remember to thoroughly review all the additional visa requirements before initiating the application process.

Benefits of Applying for an India eVisa

  • Easy and convenient online application process
  • Prompt confirmation of visa status
  • Reduced chances of rejection if all requirements are met
  • Accessibility to check eligibility based on nationality
  • Flexibility to review and fulfill all necessary visa requirements before application

Applying for a Visa to India: Key Steps before Departure

If you have a nationality that doesn't qualify for Visa on Arrival but is eligible for one of India's e-visas, or if you are eligible for Visa on Arrival but arriving at an airport where you can't apply, or if you're arriving by land or sea, applying for an e-visa is a convenient option to quickly obtain the necessary travel authorization.