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Indore Airport Now Accepts E-visas

Indore Lok Sabha members announced that the long-standing demand for accepting e-visas at the Devi Ahilyabai International Airport has been approved. This development brings relief to travellers who were previously unable to exit the airport without e-visa approval.

Indore Airport Now Accepts E-visas

Indore Airport Smooths Travel with Digi Yatra

It's great to hear that Devi Ahilyabai International Airport is implementing Digi Yatra. This technology has the potential to significantly improve the passenger experience by:

  • Reducing waiting times: Facial recognition can automate tasks like check-in, security checks, and boarding, eliminating the need for manual document verification and significantly reducing queue lengths.
  • Enhancing security: FRT can provide an additional layer of security by verifying passenger identities against government databases.
  • Improving passenger convenience: Contactless processing eliminates the need for passengers to physically present documents, making the travel process smoother and more enjoyable.

How to Apply for an E-Visa for Indore Airport

Embark on a seamless journey by discovering the streamlined process of applying for an E-Visa at Indore Airport. Effortlessly navigate the steps to secure your electronic visa for a hassle-free entry into India.




1. Visit the Portal

Go to the official Indian government E-Visa portal

This is the centralised platform for applying.

2. Complete the Form

Fill out the online India visa application form accurately. Enter personal information, travel dates, and purpose of visit.

Be thorough and double-check for errors.

3. Upload Documents

Scan and upload required documents: valid passport, recent photo, and any additional documents (e.g., business invitations, hotel bookings).

Refer to specific requirements based on your visa type.

4. Pay Fees

Make the visa processing fee payment through the secure online system. Fees vary based on visa type and nationality.

Select a convenient payment method like debit/credit card.

5. Confirmation & Reference Number

Receive a confirmation email and reference number after successful submission and payment.

Keep this number for tracking your application status.

6. Track Application Status

Regularly check the online portal for updates and notifications. Monitor the progress of your application.

You can track it by reference number or login credentials.

Specific requirements or conditions for E-Visa holders at Indore Airport

Explore the essential details regarding specific requirements and conditions for E-Visa holders at Indore Airport, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of guidelines for a smooth and compliant travel experience.



Compliance with Terms & Conditions

- Mandatory to follow terms outlined by the Indian government. - Covers permitted activities, duration of stay, etc.

Entry Purpose

- Purpose specified in application must match actual activities in India. - Accurately reflect purpose (tourism, business, etc.) during application.

Duration of Stay

- Strictly adhere to the approved duration on your E-Visa. - Overstaying can lead to penalties and potential complications.

Immigration Regulations

- Follow all immigration regulations and guidelines. - Respect local laws, visa conditions, and permitted activities.

Guideline Review

- Thoroughly review government guidelines provided during application. - Ensures clear understanding of specific requirements for Indore Airport entry.

Facilitating International Travel: Indore Airport's Progress in E-Visa Approval

Indore Airport's progress in e-visa approval is undeniably a positive development for both international travellers and the airport itself. Let's explore the significance of this step further:

Benefits for travellers:

  • Reduced hassles: E-visas eliminate the need for physical visa applications and lengthy paperwork, making the travel process more convenient and less stressful.
  • Increased flexibility: Travellers can now plan their trips to Dubai with greater ease, knowing they can obtain visas quickly and electronically.
  • Improved travel experience: Smoother entry procedures at the airport will contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient travel journey.

Benefits for the airport:

  • Boosted tourism: Easier visa access could lead to an increase in international tourist arrivals to Indore, benefiting local businesses and the economy.
  • Enhanced reputation: By embracing technological advancements like e-visa processing, Indore Airport demonstrates its commitment to providing a modern and efficient travel experience, potentially attracting more airlines and international connections.

Streamlined operations: Electronic visa verification can expedite passenger processing, reducing congestion and wait times at the airport.


Is the Indore Airport now accepting E-Visas?

Yes, Indore Airport has implemented a system to welcome and accept E-Visas, making the entry process more streamlined and convenient for travellers.

Which types of E-Visas are accepted at Indore Airport?

Indore Airport accepts various E-Visa categories, including those for tourism, business, medical visits, and other specified purposes. Travellers need to check the eligibility criteria for their specific visa type.

How can travellers apply for an E-Visa for Indore Airport?

Travellers can apply for an E-Visa through the official online portal provided by the government. The application process typically involves filling out an online form, uploading required documents, and paying the necessary fees.

What are the benefits of the E-Visa system at Indore Airport?

The E-Visa system at Indore Airport offers the advantage of a more efficient and paperless entry process. Travellers can apply from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for physical documentation and simplifying the overall visa application process.

Are there any specific requirements or conditions for E-Visa holders at Indore Airport?

E-Visa holders must comply with the terms and conditions specified by the Indian government. These may include entry purpose, duration of stay, and adherence to immigration regulations. Travellers are encouraged to review the guidelines provided during the application process for detailed information.