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Indian eVisa not accepting payment

If you are encountering payment issues with your Indian Visa application, it's important to troubleshoot the problem. Verify the accuracy of your payment information and consider using an alternative payment method or card. Clear your browser cache and cookies or try a different browser/device. Contact your bank to ensure there are no restrictions on international transactions. If the issue persists, contact the website support channels for the Indian eVisa application for further assistance.

Indian eVisa not accepting payment

Resolving Payment Issues for India E-Visa Application

If you are facing difficulties with processing payment for your India e-visa, here are some methods you can take to resolve the issue and ensure a successful payment process.

Possible Payment Issues:

  • Payment rejection or failure during the eVisa application process. This can occur due to various reasons, such as entering incorrect payment details, insufficient funds, or issues with the payment gateway.
  • Inability to proceed with payment due to technical errors or connectivity issues.
  • Invalid or expired credit/debit card details are provided for payment.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Double-check the entered payment information to ensure accuracy.
  • Wait for a short time period before attempting payment again, if unsuccessful.
  • Try using an alternative payment method or card if available.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then attempt the payment again.
  • Switch to a different browser or device to rule out compatibility issues.
  • Contact your bank to verify if there are any restrictions on international transactions.

Alternative Payment Methods:

  • Explore the possibility of using a different credit/debit card for payment.
  • Consider using other given payment options that are accepted by the Indian eVisa system.

Contacting Support:

  • If the payment issue persists, reach out to support mail, Live chat or other available support channels for the particular website.
  • Provide them with relevant details and a clear description of the problem you are facing.

Try a different browser or device: 

  • Occasionally, payment issues can be browser-specific. Try using a different browser or device to submit your payment for the Indian eVisa application.