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India resumes e-visa services for Canadian nationals

India has recently announced the resumption of e-visa services for Canadian tourists and business travelers, marking a potential step towards easing diplomatic tensions between the two nations. 

India resumes e-visa services for Canadian nationals

This decision follows a period of strained relations triggered by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's accusations regarding the involvement of Indian operatives in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia.

The Genesis of Strained Relations

Trudeau's allegations, made in September, stirred a diplomatic standoff, prompting India to temporarily suspend visa issuance to Canadian citizens. India vehemently rejected these accusations as "absurd" and "motivated," leading to reciprocal measures that significantly affected diplomatic ties between the two countries.

In response to Canada's expulsion of India's intelligence chief from Ottawa, India halted 13 categories of visas for Canadians. Additionally, India reduced Canada's diplomatic presence within its borders, with Ottawa asserting that these actions breached established diplomatic conventions, further intensifying the rift.

Recent Developments: Resuming Visa Services

Despite the strained relations, India recently made a significant move by partially resuming India e visa services in Canada. The decision to reintroduce e-visas primarily aims to facilitate travel for individuals of Indian origin during the upcoming wedding season. 

However, Indian officials caution against interpreting this as a complete thaw in relations, emphasizing that both nations lack a compelling incentive to rush toward normalization.

Implications and Broader Interests

The resumption of e-visa services signifies a cautious attempt to navigate the complex web of diplomatic intricacies while considering broader interests. Canada boasts a substantial Sikh population, and India remains the largest source of foreign students, significantly contributing to Canada's thriving international education sector, contributing over C$20 billion ($15 billion) annually to its economy.

The tensions between the two nations have broader implications beyond diplomatic relations. Canada's Sikh population of approximately 770,000 and India's pivotal role as the primary source of foreign students, accounting for 40% of study permit holders in Canada, underscore the significance of smoother diplomatic ties.

Conclusion: A Delicate Balancing Act

India's decision to reopen e-visa services for Canadian nationals signifies a nuanced attempt to navigate a delicate diplomatic landscape. While this move indicates a willingness to ease restrictions and initiate dialogue, both India and Canada have multifaceted interests at stake, warranting a cautious and calculated approach toward the normalization of relations.

The complexities surrounding the diplomatic fallout underscore the importance of finding a balance between national interests and fostering international relations. As both nations navigate these complexities, the partial resumption of e-visa services could potentially pave the way for constructive dialogue and gradual normalization in the future.

The intricacies of this diplomatic tango between India and Canada continue to unfold, with each step signaling a nuanced attempt to recalibrate relations amid divergent national priorities and interests.


Is visa open for India from Canada?

Yes, India has recently eased restrictions, allowing entry, business, medical, and conference visas for Canadian nationals. As for e-visas, India is currently issuing them to Canadian passport holders.

Is Evisa available for India from Canada?

E-visa services for Canadian nationals to India have been reinstated after a temporary suspension in September. According to ANI sources, India resumed e-visa services for Canadians on Wednesday, reinstating this convenient option for travel to the country.

Is it safe for Canadian nationals to apply for Indian electronic visas now?

As per the latest information, India has restored electronic visa services for Canadian citizens. However, travelers are advised to stay updated with travel advisories and consulate information for any changes or updates.

Why were e-visa services suspended for Canadian nationals by India?

Visa services were suspended due to allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding a purported Indian link to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

When were e-visa services initially suspended, and for how long?

The suspension took effect on September 21 and lasted for almost two months until it was lifted recently.

What triggered the full resumption of e-visa services for Canadian nationals by India?

The resumption coincided with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's participation in the virtual G20 Leaders' Summit on November 22.