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After 2 years, India Resumes Regular International Flights with Pre-Covid Rules from 27 March 2022

India Resumes Regular International Flights
After the coronavirus pandemic-induced hiatus of over 2 years, regular international flights are set to resume today with airports and airlines, getting ready for normal overseas operations battered by the pandemic. The airline industry is slowly coming back to normalcy and the resumption of normal overseas sites is expected to provide a Philip to the sector.

First of all, what are the guidelines that have been put in place in this context?

Well, absolutely. The ban on regular international flights has finally been lifted, after the span of two years. And in fact, four days, this comes after the COVID cases in India have seen a massive dip, as well as the vaccine coverage all across the globe, has seen. now there's a lot of confusion around what is actually changing. So, as we know that on March 23rd, 2020, the regular international flights were halted to and from India, however, special, international flights under the air bubble arrangement were allowed under which flights were allowed to go from India and from India to 37 countries. This air bubble, however, was affecting their airlines, operation, and profitability.

Now, what has happened now is that this air bubble arrangement has been revoked. the regular international flights from India to several other countries have now been started. other COVID-19 guidelines related to the airport. And also the flight has also been revised by the government. Now, what is required now is that the crew does not have to wear the PB kids, the security personnel. You can go ahead with the pat-down searches at the airport and the three-weekend seats or the international, flights, which were required earlier for medical emergencies is no more required. But however, the government has said, said that masks and hand hygiene are still compulsory. now this all was to resume in December 2021, but it was halted due to the onset of omicron. There's still another variant in and around the various countries of India.

So we'll have to see and speak to exports on how the, how safe is this resumption of regular international flight?

Well, yes, and this is after two years that India is resuming regular international flights from today onwards. And this move is also expected to give a big boost to hospitality and tourism.

Regular International flights from today, 63 countries to be connected

From Sunday onwards, 6 Indian airlines and 64 airlines will begin connecting India with 63 countries. The final schedule for international flights has been published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in accordance with the evaluation regulations.

Following a two-year suspension imposed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduled international flights will resume. According to the new summer schedule, foreign airlines will operate 1,783 weekly flights, while Indian carriers will operate 1,466 weekly departures. Indico, the market leader, will operate 505 weekly departures, followed by Tata Group-owned in India at 361 weekly flights. And it's a subsidy for India Express, which operates 340 flights per week.

The resumption of scheduled international operations is expected to occur in stages in accordance with the large schedule prepared prior to the pandemic's arrival. Until Saturday international flights in India, a total of 4,700 international flight departures were operated from Indian airports each week. We have air bubble agreements in place with 37 countries. Iran, Malaysia, South Korea, and Poland are among the countries that will be added as a result of the scheduled operations. Myanmar, Turkey, Yemen, and Egypt are among the countries involved.

Even as the scheduled operations replace air bubble flights, the guidelines issued by the ministry of health and family welfare will continue to be applicable for international arrivals into India.