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Note: Children below the age of 12 years are exempted from FRRO/FRO registration.

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Present Nationality

Change Of Address (within same FRRO/FRO)

Change Of Passport

Change Of Passport

Change Of Institute/ Organization

Change Of Travel Mode

Change Of Port

Conversion Type

Visa Extension

Return Visa/ NORI

Exit Permit

New Visa

Additional Places Of Visit

Restricted/ Protected Area Permit

 Loss Of Passport

Police Clearance Certificate(PCC)

LTV (Open for Pakistani, and Bangladeshi Nationals)

 Non Resident Tourist

 Permanent Residency Status (PRS)

LTV Extension (Open for Pakistani, and Bangladeshi Nationals)

Transfer RC/RP (from one FRRO/FRO to another FRRO/FRO)

Transfer LTV

Permit Certificate On X-1 Visa

RC/RP Cancellation Certificate (Only for Tibetan origin)


Whether newly born child  (born in India only)

   Yes    No


   Yes    No

Have you surrendered your Indian passport

   Yes      No     Not Applicable

Visa Type :

  Diplomatic visa

Visa Subtype:
   D-1  -    [Diplomat assigned in India (on diplomatic passport only)]

   D-1X  -    [Dependent of diplomat(Diplomat assigned in India (on diplomatic passport only))]

   D-2  -    [Diplomat on a visit to India for official purpose (on diplomatic passport only)]

   D-2X  -    [Dependent of diplomat(Diplomat on a visit to India for official purpose (on diplomatic passport only)))]

   D-3  -    [Diplomat assigned to non-UN international organization in India]

   D-3X  -    [Dependent of diplomat(Diplomat assigned to non-UN international organization in India)]

   UD-1  -    [UN diplomat assigned to India]

   UD-1X  -    [Dependent of UN diplomat assigned to India]

   UD-2  -    [UN diplomat on a visit to India]

   UD-2X  -    [Dependent of UN diplomat on a visit to India]

Desired services and category

ALERT: The applicant should be present in India while applying for and for grant of visa related services



Bio-Data Page Of Passport


Residence Proof I.E. Updated Form 'C' Generated By Hotel/ Lodge Or Registered / Notarized Lease Deed Or Utility Bill Copy Along With Copy Of Photo-ID Of Landlord With Declaration.

  • VISA:

Copy Of Latest Indian Visa

  • PHOTO:

Applicant's Photo

Document required

Your full Information will be saved, if you click Save and Continue button to continue for the photograph and documents upload . Partial information will be saved, if you click Temporary Save and Exit button. You can continue entering the remaining information later using the Application ID. If you exit without doing either of two, your information will be lost.Please don't leave this page idle for more than 30 minutes otherwise it will expire.  

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Given Name (As in Passport)





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Date of Birth

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Real Date of Birth

f MM/YYYY is chosen, then Date is set

 as 01/MM/YYYY

If YYYY is chosen, then Date is set as


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If AGE is chosen, then Date of birth is set

 as 01/01/(Current year - Age)

If AGE is less than One year it will show as 0(zero)

Birth Country


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If Others, Please specify

Any Identification mark(s) preferably visible

Present nationality

Previous nationality (if any)


Manner of acquiring present nationality


Date of acquiring present nationality


If yes, Please give details

Whether holding dual nationality?
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Whether a person of Indian Origin?

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Address of last residence (Outside India)





Address intended for longer stay in India (Registration)




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Any other Address in India






Pin Code

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Use '-' after STD code(Ex:011-2355256)

Mobile Number

Email/Profession/Occupation Details

Email ID






































   Rig officer

   Spa therapist









Passport Details

Passport Number

Passport Number (As in Passport)

Country of issue


(Passport details is not mandatory in case of Refugee/Newly Born child)

Place of Issue

Date of Issue


Expiry Date


 Current Visa Details

Visa Number

(Visa details is not mandatory in case of Refugee/Newly Born child)

Country of Issue


Place of Issue

Date of Issue


Expiry Date


Valid For

   Single Entry

   Double Entry

   Triple Entry

   Four Entry

   Multiple Entry

Visa Type

Visa Subtype

Special Endorsement, if any

Arrival Details

Place of embarkation/boarding for India

(Arrival details is not mandatory in case of Newly Born child)

City of embarkation/boarding for India

Country of embarkation/boarding for India


Date of arrival in India


Place of disembarkation/arrival in India


Mode of Journey






Flight/Train/Bus/Ship Number

Purpose of visit to India

   Accompanying Parents

   Accompanying Patient

   Accompanying Patient as Doctor

   Accompanying Spouse






  Joining spouse


  Medical Treatment of self

   Meeting friends/relatives

   Minor child(either parent is Indian)



   Seminar/conference in India




Previous Registration in India Details (If any)

Have you registered previously in India?

    No     Yes

 If yes, Please give details

Details of family members/attendant/dependents, If any accompanying.

    No    Yes

Person to be contacted in case of Emergency







Phone Number

Have you served in Military/Navy or Air Force or Reserve of any country?

    No   Yes

If yes, Please give details

Current Registration Details

Are you registered in current locality FRRO/FRO in the current visit?

    Yes     No

Current Extension Details

Have you got extended visa in current visit in current locality FRRO/FRO?

    Yes     No

For Visa Extension

Whether previously in India?

    Yes    No

Enter No. of Year(s)/Month(s)/Day(s)

Period of Extension required*         




For eg. for 2.5 years enter Years = 2 , Months = 6

for 1.5 months enter months = 1 , days = 15 

Reason for extension

In case of Missionary - Nature of work

  Personal details

Photo and Document Upload

application ID:        

Given Name        





Passport Number        

Visa Number        

Applied For

Document Type:


 Residence proof




List of Mandatory documents :

1.Photo:Applicant's Photo

2.Residence proof:Residence proof i.e. updated form 'C' generated by hotel/ lodge or Registered / Notarized Lease Deed or Utility Bill copy along with copy of photo-ID of landlord with declaration.

3.Visa:Copy of latest Indian visa

4.Passport:Bio-data page of passport


  • Photo and Document(s) upload are mandatory.
  • Photographs which are edited or modified by Photoshop or any other Software/ Mobile App will be rejected.
  • First select Document Type then choose photo or document by clicking on Browse or Choose file.
  • Next click on Upload File for uploading photo or document.
  • First fillup complete form then upload photo and document(s).
  • Click on View to see the photo or document.
  • For deleting, photo or document tick/ select particular then click on Delete.
  • Click on Complete submission form to generate pdf.
  • Only one copy of each document type has to be uploaded.
  • Scanned documents should be in pdf format.
  • Size of pdf document must be less than 200 KB.
  • Photo Requirements:
  • Format - JPEG
  • Size - Minimum 10 KB , Maximum 1 MB
  • Recent front facing photograph with white background to be uploaded by the applicant
  • Do not crop the Passport Image to use it as your recent photograph. Upload clear front facing photograph with preferable white/light coloured background
  • No shadows on the face or on the background
  • The application is liable to be rejected if the uploaded photograph are not clear and as per specification.

Photo and document upload

I '...Name...' hereby certify that I have read and understood all the statements/questions in this application. The answers and information furnished in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have uploaded true copies of original document and  I am liable for prosecution for any forgery or wrong information given/uploaded online above. I understand that the e-FRRO fee for Visa related services once paid is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of my application and doesn't in any way guarantee issuance of desired service by the Government of India.

Thank you for applying online for e-FRRO. Upon scrutiny of the application by Visa officers, necessary instructions with regard to application i.e. Fee Payment, Correction of Selected/desired Service, re-uploading of documents etc would be conveyed through email/SMS alerts. Please check your inbox daily for further instructions.

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