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Eligible Country for Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa in 2024

Medical visa is one of the types of visa which most of the countries offer to the citizens of other countries to seek medical emergencies in their country. India is among one such country which provides an India e-medical visa for foreigners to seek medical treatment in India. Over millions of people visit India annually to seek top-class medical treatment in Indian hospitals.

Since a sick or unhealthy person cannot travel solely to a country to seek medical help, the government also offers an Indian e-medical attendant visa. This visa is provided to the family of the patient who already got a medical visa so that they can travel to India with him for medical help. A medical attendant visa can get two family members along with a person holding an e-medical visa. Medical attendant visas will have the same validity as India e-medical visas.

Requirements for e-Medical attendant Visa India

To apply online for India Business Visa, it is necessary:

  • Indian e-medical attendant visa is available for the citizens of around 165 countries around the world. So, you must have the citizenship of one of these countries.
  • You need to show your relationship with the patient with whom you are going to travel to India. You can prove it with a birth or marriage certificate which has been officially recognized by the government or your country.
  • You must have a passport with at least six months of validity from the day of entering into the Indian territory. The Passport should have at least two blank pages to be attested by the Immigration officer.
  • You should have a passport size photo in jpg, png, PDF format, which needs to be uploaded online while applying for an e-medical attendant visa.
  • You must have a valid email address on which your e-medical attendant visa will be delivered after processing.

The validity of Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa

The Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa validity will be 60 days from the date of the grant of ETA. A visa is applicable for triple-entry, which means you can visit three times in India during these 60 days. Also, an individual can apply for this e-medical attendant visa for a maximum of two times per year.

Eligible Country List