Apply for India eVisa

India eVisa Requirements for Czech Republic

The India eVisa offers a convenient and streamlined way for citizens of the Czech Republic to visit India for various purposes, including tourism, business, or medical treatment. The eVisa allows Czech citizens to apply for their travel authorization online, eliminating the need for traditional paper applications and visits to the Indian embassy. With a simplified application process and faster processing times, the India eVisa provides Czech Republic citizens with an efficient and accessible option to explore the vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and natural beauty of India.

Does a Czech Republic Citizen Need a Visa for India?

Czech Republic citizens are required to obtain an eVisa prior to their travel to India. The eVisa can be obtained online through the eVisa website. The eVisa allows for tourism, business, and medical visits, and it has a validity period and duration of stay limit. 

Types of Indian Visas for Czech Republic Citizens

India e-Visa provides five categories catering to different travel purposes:

  • e-Tourist Visa:
    • Purpose: Explore India's rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and diverse landscapes.
    • Activities: Sightseeing, visiting tourist attractions, experiencing local culture.
  • e-Business Visa:
    • Purpose: Attend meetings, trade fairs, or establish business contacts in India.
    • Activities: Business meetings, negotiations, attending conferences or seminars.
  • e-Medical Visa:
    • Purpose: Seek medical treatments, consultations, or undergo medical procedures in recognized healthcare facilities.
    • Activities: Medical appointments, hospital visits, treatment procedures.
  • e-Medical Attendant Visa:
    • Purpose: Provide support and care to the patient during their medical journey in India (specifically for Croatian citizens).
    • Activities: Assisting the patient with medical appointments, providing emotional support.
  • e-Conference Visa:
    • Purpose: Attend conferences, seminars, workshops, or similar events in India.
    • Activities: Participating in conferences, attending workshops, networking with professionals.

Consider your travel purpose and choose the appropriate e-Visa category that aligns with your specific plans and activities in India.

Navigating the Visa Application Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Applying for an India e-Visa is a straightforward process for Czech Republic citizens. By completing a quick online questionnaire, you can easily provide the required information within a matter of minutes.

To apply for an India e-Visa, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill in the Online Form: Provide your basic personal data, passport details, and contact information in the Indian visa appliaction form online.
  2. Attach Supporting Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary supporting documents ready, such as a scanned copy of your passport bio page and a recent passport-sized photograph.
  3. Make Payment: Pay the processing fee using a bank card. The fee is generally minimal.

It is advisable for Czech Republic citizens to stay informed about the current visa requirements. Ensure that you meet all the necessary criteria and have the required documents before submitting your India e-Visa application.

Required Documents for an Indian Visa: Ensuring a Smooth Application

Requirements for Indian e-Visa Application from Czech Republic:

  1. Valid Czech Republic passport: The passport must be valid for at least six months from the intended date of arrival in India.
  2. Digital copy (scan) of the passport's biographical page: A clear and legible scanned copy of the page containing personal information, including the photo and passport details, is required.
  3. Recent passport-style photo of the Czech Republic citizen: A recent, colored photograph with a white background is needed for the e-Visa application.

For a comprehensive list of documents needed for an Indian eVisa application, kindly refer to the page titled "Documents Required for Indian eVisa".

Additional Requirements for Indian Business e-Visa Application from Czech Republic:

In addition to the above documents, Czech Republic visitors applying for a Business e-Visa for India must provide:

  • Business card with details of the host company based in India: The business card should include relevant information about the host company in India.

Additional Requirement for Indian Medical e-Visa Application from Czech Republic:

For patients from the Czech Republic and their accompanying travelers applying for an India Medical e-Visa, the following document is required:

  • Letter from the hospital or medical center where treatment will be received: A letter issued by the hospital or medical center in India, stating the purpose and duration of the medical treatment, is necessary.

Common Requirements for all e-Visa Applications from Czech Republic:

Regardless of the type of e-Visa for India, applicants from the Czech Republic must also provide the following:

  • Valid email address : An active email address to receive notifications and updates regarding the e-Visa application.
  • Credit or debit card details to cover the processing fee: Information about a valid credit or debit card to pay the required processing fee for the e-Visa application.

Visa Fees and Processing Time: What Czech Citizens Should Know

For Czech citizens applying for an Indian e-Visa, it's essential to understand the processing time options available. Here's a brief overview:

  • Normal Processing:
    • The normal processing time for an Indian e-Visa application is typically within 3-5 business days.
    • It is advisable to submit the application well in advance of your planned travel dates to allow for sufficient processing time.
  • Urgent Processing:
    • If you require an India e-Visa urgently, there is an expedited option available.
    • The urgent processing time is usually within 1-3 business days, providing a quicker turnaround for your application.

Please note that these processing times are approximate and subject to change based on the volume of applications received and other factors.


The visa fee for India depends on factors like country of origin, visa type, and processing time. To know the exact fees, visit the India visa cost page, which provides detailed information for a clear understanding of the applicable charges for your specific visa application.

Tracking Your Indian Visa Application: Stay Updated on Your Status

To stay updated on the status of your Indian eVisa application, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the evisa website.
  2. Click on the "India Visa Status" or "Track Application" option.
  3. Enter your application reference number or passport number.
  4. Click on the "Submit" button.
  5. The website will display the current status of your eVisa application.
  6. You may see one of the following statuses:
    • Application received: Your application has been successfully submitted and is under review.
    • Under process: Your application is being processed by the Indian authorities.
    • Granted: Your eVisa has been approved and issued.
    • Rejected: Unfortunately, your application has been rejected. The website may provide a reason for the rejection.
  7. If your application is still under process, you can check back regularly for updates.
  8. Once your eVisa is granted, you can download it from the website.
  9. Print a copy of your eVisa and carry it with you when traveling to India.

Remember to keep your application reference number handy as it will be required for tracking your eVisa status.

Visa Extensions and Renewals: Extending Your Stay in India

If you wish to extend your stay in India beyond the duration allowed by your current visa, you can apply for anIndia visa extension or renewal. Visit the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) with the necessary documents, including a filled application form, a valid passport, photographs, and proof of financial means. Pay the required fees and submit the application. The authorities will review your request, and if approved, they will issue a new visa with an extended validity. Ensure to initiate this process well before your current visa expires to avoid any complications.


Yes, citizens of the Czech Republic are eligible to apply for an eVisa to travel to India for tourism, business, or medical purposes.

The processing time for an Indian eVisa is usually around 3-5 business days. However, it is advisable to apply well in advance of the intended travel date to allow for any unexpected delays or complications.

An India E-Visa refers to a digital travel authorization that is necessary for citizens of the Czech Republic to enter India conveniently. Instead of visiting the embassy, this document can be obtained online.

The E-Visa does not grant entry at all ports in India. It is exclusively accepted at twenty-five airports and five seaports within the country. If you intend to enter India through any other point of entry, you must apply for an India Visa for Czechs by personally visiting the embassy.

In order to submit an application for an E-Visa, you must have the following prerequisites ready:

  • A digital copy of your currently valid passport.
  • A functioning email address where you can receive the E-Visa document.
  • A means of payment, such as bank cards or a PayPal account, to cover the processing fee.