Apply for India eVisa

India eVisa Tip for Brazil

Citizen of Brazil can apply for an eVisa to India. Nowadays, getting an India visa (ETA) is the most convenient and fastest way with lower visa fee. Applying for eVisa online may be the shortest and fastest manner for anyone wants to get an India visa.


Brazil Citizens can apply online for India eVisa ( eTourist, eBusiness or eMedical visas ). You can upload supporting documents, photographs and also pay for your application online. It's faster and easier to apply Indian e-Visa.

How much does cost for Brazil Citizens

eVisa fee for the Brazil can be check in India visa fees.

How to apply India eVisa

Apply online, Once you complete the online application form. The process is completely online. Once you order success, we will help you to process a visa to India within 4 working days under India Immigration Department's agreements in India.

Travel documents

Anyone travelling to India must have in their possession documentation of their identity and nationality. The most common and preferred travel document for international travel is a passport.

Visa requirements

With few exceptions Countries and crew travelling to India must hold a valid visa, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or a Crew Travel Authority (CTA). Additional information about India visas reqiremetns can be found on India Visas Requirements.

Brazil passport holder can avail eVisa to india.

Electronic Travel Authorities/ electronic visas

Carriers should be aware that there will not be any physical evidence of an eVisa or ETA in a passenger’s or crew member’s travel document.

Note: Remember to print a copy of your approved visa document. The eVisas for India can ONLY be used to enter India through the 28 airports and 5 seaports

Embassy of India in Brazil

India Embassy in Brasilia

SHIS QL 08, Coj 08, Casa 01, Lago Sul, CEP 71.620/285, Brasilia - Brazil

Phone: +55-61-3248-4006
Fax: +55-61-3248-7849

India Consulate in Sao Paulo

Av. Paulista 925, 7th Floor, 01311, Sao Paulo - Brazil

Phone: +55-11-32793780, +55-11-32793773
Fax: +55-11-32793789

India Consulate in Rio de Janeiro

Av. Presidente Wilson 231-23rd Floor, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Phone: +55-21-3824-4752
Fax: +55-21-2262-4247
Email: [email protected]

India Consulate in Belo Horizonte

Rua Paraiba, 532 Bairro, Funcionarios, CEP: 30.120/140, Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Phone: +55-31-3264-5444
Fax: +55-31-3264-5444