Apply for India eVisa

Eligible Country for Indian 5 Years e-Tourist Visa in 2024

Note: As per Indian government, dated 16.03.2022, e-Visa under the following categories 5 Years e-Tourist Visa has been restored.

A tourist visa is a short term visa. Travelers can stay in India for limited days with a visa. 05 years India tourist visa valid for 05 years/60 months from the date of grant of ETA. Multiple entries are allowed within these 05 years. Continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 90 days for countries except the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan. (For the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan, continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days).

There will be no need to submit your Passport or other personal documents to the Consulate/Embassy. Everything will be done through the online process if your country is eligible to apply for an online India visa. They can easily apply for Indian e-visa from the online process. E-visa approval must be issued electronically before you arrive in India.

If the traveler or their spouse, parents, or grandparents were born in Pakistan or ever held Pakistani nationality, they are not eligible for an Indian e-visa. You will be ineligible to apply for an e-visa, even if you are a passport holder from one of the eligible countries.

If you are not eligible for an Indian eVisa:

They will be eligible to apply for a paper/regular visa. To apply for a regular visa, you have to complete the India regular visa form online, take a print out of it and bring it to the Indian Consulate along with other necessary photos and documents. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.

Who can apply for the Indian eVisa?

Only eligible Country people can apply for an online India visa. The list of eligible for applying Indian 5-year e-tourist visa is given below. You just need to fill in some required details (Documents Required for Indian e-Visa), an applicant Photo, applicant Passport. You need to make an online payment to complete a successful online application. Once the Indian government has approved your visa application, it will be sent to you by email. You will have to take a print copy to carry with your Passport and bring it along when you travel to India.

We recommend that you print two copies and keep one with your records. When you come to India, you should have your e-visa with your Passport when boarding is done on arrival at the airport, Check in the list below that you are eligible to apply for the Indian 5-year e-Tourist Visa online.